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Note: If you are running this page from my web site and getting errors or no results displayed, it is probably a problem with the IE security settings restricting the script involved. There are several ways to solve this problem:

1) Download the page (File, Save as, Web Page complete) to your hard drive and run it locally.

2) Lower your security settings. I don't like this option because it might allow scripts from a viscous web site to damage your computer.

3) Add http://*.billsway.com to the Trusted Zone in your IE Security tab, adjusting settings there instead of altering the Internet Zone security settings. That is the way I handle Internet security. Much easier and safer than changing general settings, and a better overall method IMO. You might want to consider the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Power Tweaks Web Accessories. One of the cool things it does is add 2 new menu items to the IE tools menu, to easily add a site to the Trusted Zone or to the Restricted Zone. Much less hassle than adding sites manually, and allows general surfing with tighter security settings.